Quality Tires | Excellent Customer Service

Quality Tires | Excellent Customer Service

Buy new tires at our auto shop

Sometimes a plug or tire patch is all you need to get back on the road. If the problem is severe, however, you're going to need brand-new tires. Thankfully, Moore's Tire Sales has exactly the tires and expert service you need. We carry some of the best tire brands on the market, including:

  • Cooper Tires
  • Hankook
  • Falken
  • Carlisle

Our expert mechanics will help you find the right tires for your car, then install them perfectly. Plus, we offer courtesy vehicles and shuttle services, so you can still get around while your car is in the shop. Visit our shop today to learn more about our tire replacement services.

3 signs you need new tires

Are you worried about the state of your car's tires? Here are a few signs you need new ones:

  1. The tread in your tires is too low. If you're worried this might be true, take it in to a mechanic at Moore's Tire Sales ASAP.
  2. Your tire pressure is low, and inflating them doesn't help for very long. This usually means that there is a leak or crack in your tires.
  3. Your car vibrates too much while you're driving. If it's not due to a suspension issue, it could mean your tires are out of balance.

When it comes to tire issues, you're better safe than sorry. If you're not sure if something is wrong, take your car to Moore's Tire Sales to have a pro check it out.