Quick Service With a Smile at Moore's Tire Sales

Quick Service With a Smile at Moore's Tire Sales

Patch up your tire and get back on the open road

When your car gets a flat tire, it shouldn't ruin your whole afternoon. Get back on the road quickly when you take your car in to the mechanics at Moore's Tire Sales. We patch and repair flats in a flash. Visit our auto shop as soon as you notice a flat or another issue with your tires.

5 things to do when you get a flat tire

Don't panic! Instead, you should:

  1. Safely get off the road and on the shoulder or in a parking lot.
  2. Apply your parking break once you're in a flat, safe area.
  3. Inspect the damage. If you have a hole bigger than a quarter inch, you may need to replace the tire instead of repair it.
  4. If you have a spare, replace your tire with it ASAP.
  5. Call 607-687-3275. We'll repair or replace your damaged tire in no time.

A flat tire doesn't have to derail your whole day. When you trust the job to Moore's Tire Sales, you'll be back on the road in no time. Save the number 607-687-3275 now for the next time you need to repair a flat tire.